San Francisco city
17.9 Mpx
12 mm
Canon EOS 550D

San Francisco city

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The photo shows the upper view of San Francisco, known as the City. This popular place and tourist destination lies on the western coast of the USA. It is the main cultural and financial center of North California and also the second most populous city in the USA.

The City is full of high skyscrapers that is also visible in the picture. The most spectacular is maybe one with the apex on its top. This one is called Transamerica Pyramid and with its height of 260 m is the second highest of the City. The highest skyscraper in San Francisco is called Salesforce Tower. It reaches 327 m and it was finished in 2018.

San Francisco´s skyscrapers are surrounded by San Francisco bay that can also be seen in the picture. The most popular places in this bay are Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island.

When this picture was taken, we were very lucky as the weather was beautiful.

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