Beef Burger
42.2 Mpx
90 mm

Beef Burger

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This is the 42MPx photo of Beef Burger taken with the 90mm macro lens.

The burger is served in a fresh sesame bun on a toothpick and the ingredients are beef, onion, tomato, salad, slices of tomatoes and cucumbers and dressing. The whole menu also includes a small fresh vegetable salad and French fries given into a small fryer basket.

Burgers are a symbol of American cuisine, however, they are eaten all over the world. The original name was Hamburger steak which was prepared in the 19th century in Hamburg from their fresh beef. This kind of steak was served with garlic, onions, salt, pepper, but without any bun or bread. The present appearance of burger in two slices of pastry was then made later on in the USA where many Germans migrated, especially into New York and Chicago.

Author: Mikuláš Gottwald | PHOTOONE®

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