Pattypan squash
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Pattypan squash

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The picture shows a white pattypan squash lying on the grass. It is surrounded by dry yellow fallen leaves which gives the photo impression of autumn.

Pattypan squash is a type of summer squash. It is well known for its small size and typical shape that reminds UFO. The name pattypan means a pan for baking a patty. Pattypan squash can have different colours- from yellow and green to white.

It grows in autumn together with pumpkins and it is commonly used in cuisine. It is a good source of manganese, magnesium, vitamins A and C and niacin. It is also great for diets because it contains a very low fat.

Pattypan squash is usually sliced and then baked, boiled or coated and fried, but for example in Polish cuisine, it is pickled in sweet vinegar.

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