Pruhonice castle
42.2 Mpx
13 mm

Pruhonice castle

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This is a 42MPx photo of Pruhonice castle located in the village of the same name in Prague, the Czech Republic.

This romantic castle was originally a Gothic fortress from the 14th century. Now, together with the adjacent beautiful park, it is a protected monument in the UNESCO program.

Around the castle you can take a lot of interesting photos, reflecting the castle and the surrounding park, it is important to find a day when it is windless and the water can be like a mirror. The castle of this photo is mirrored with slight ripples in a small pond.

The photo was taken in winter sunset and although it doesn't look like it was minus 4 degrees celsius. The photo was taken without a tripod only by hand, the longer exposure time nicely kept thanks to the wide-angle shot.

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