House full of lights Libisany
42.2 Mpx
35 mm

House full of lights Libisany

Raw photo is no longer available (this offer ended 10.01.2021)

The photo can be used for commercial purposes.

This is a 42 MPx photo of an illuminated house in Libišany, in the Czech republic. This house holds the record in the number of Christmas pupils that decorate it - exactly 150,000 light bulbs.

The creators of this amazing submission must start decorating as early as September in order to get everything ready by Christmas. Visitors like to come here to watch and enjoy the unique atmosphere, which is accompanied by the music of carols, which pour from the prepared speakers.

With their own eyes, everything is much more beautiful than they can capture photos. For this purpose, the photoshoot was used to build and longer exposure times along with a higher aperture number to create stars in the lights.

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